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Cine Live Guide is a global directory of cinematography-based livestream content. Our goal is to maintain a resource of information and expertise for educational purposes only.

This directory is volunteer-run and user-maintained which allows contributors to easily share their livestream events. We trust that industry contributors will avoid using this resource as purely an advertising opportunity and all contributors will remain as impartial as possible in the spirit of the cinematography community at large.

CLG Admin Team

Edgar Dubrovskiy
Nicolas C. Geissler BVK
Christina Ienna Assoc CSC
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The CLG Administrators reserve the right to moderate the directory. We have a ZERO tolerance policy of discriminatory content of ANY kind. We cannot be held responsible for external content and are only functioning as a listing resource.

The views and opinions expressed in the livestreams belong solely to the speakers or participants, and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views of the directory administrators or any other group or individual associated with Cine Live Guide.

Due to the social nature of the directory, online content may contain material copyrighted by another entity or person. The directory cannot be held responsible for and claims no copyright over any content.